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Wealth Management

We specialize in discretionary portfolio management by investing in a wide variety of securities. Our founding principles guide our every-day work from investment philosophy and security selection, to client service and communication.

Objective Advice

Our clients have achieved a measure of success in a variety of professional and business fields. Being successful, they recognize that accumulating wealth is vastly different from managing wealth. They engage us precisely because of our objective advice and consistent style and method.

Financial Planning

Financial planning is about more than assets, investments and net worth. It’s about what you want to do with your money and why—it’s about identifying your concerns, expectations and goals.

At FCMI, we help clients define and prioritize goals and assist them in putting their financial decisions into perspective. We are dedicated to making financial planning efficient and approachable, and to motivate each client to create, implement and maintain an investment strategy that best meets their lifetime financial goals. Our financial planning tools will enable you to:

  • Focus on financial goals and how to fund them
  • Identify and manage risks to achieving goals
  • Address expectations and navigate the complexity of financially moving into retirement
  • Feel more educated, confident and in control of your financial future